Plastic Expo

Datum: 26 mei 2016


Look at what you’re touching right now. That keyboard, tablet or phone – contains plastic. Our society has a massive addiction to the material. And it makes sense; plastic is remarkable, but our current make-take-waste economy is a complex problem challenging communities worldwide.

The Plastic Era Expo showcases a diversity of recycled plastic products made in the Netherlands, showing you the potential plastic holds as a durable material that can be used and reused and reused – if we harness its value as a renewable resource. As you explore the Expo, an organized information system allows you to learn which type of plastic recyclate was used to make each product.

In fact, everything you see and touch at the Expo is made from recycled plastic, with great thanks to our main partner NRK Recycling; contributing partners Interface and Urban Mining; and featured designers Dirk vander Kooij, Better Future Factory, UrbnGds, Waste 4me2, and WASTED Block designers Alessandro Iadarola and Bob Vos.

Download hier meer informatie over de PLASTIC ERA EXPO